Monday, April 8, 2019

2019 Hydrangea Festival Garden Tours

Saturday July 13 & Saturday July 20

Strictly Hydrangeas

West Yarmouth

An ever expanding collection of hydrangeas, the quintessential Cape Cod woody ornamental, frames a small freestanding Master Gardener’s condominium. 225 hydrangeas in ground take center stage in various garden beds. Patio and porches boast 25 containers using the “Pot-N-Pot” method with a dwarf hydrangea as the “thriller” along with various “fillers” and spillers”. This garden is a Hydrangea Lover’s Dream come true. Join us for Master Gardener Tips in the Garden: Container Gardening with Hydrangeas at 11 am and 2 pm.

Monday July 15

Backyard Sanctuary

East Falmouth

The owners of this garden have shared and enjoyed the fruits of their labor with family and friends for 18 years. The gardens are planted with unique shrubs and trees along with fabulous containers and whimsical collections. The pergola with vibrant orange blooms keeps the hummingbirds returning. The giant hibiscus attracts all pollinators. Many perennials and striking annuals are planted on the property mixed in with clever and creative structures. The veggie beds, including the fun upside down plant, is not to be missed. Be sure to view the porches with their unique collections of succulents. Join us for Master Gardener Tips in the Garden: Tender and Hardy Succulents at 11 am and 2 pm.

English Heritage


On less than a quarter of acre, enjoy a space inspired by classic English gardens. When you visit, midsummer colors will light up a traditional mixed border, ‘A White Garden’, a newly planted ‘Hot Garden’, a little garden with little hostas, and a mini succulent garden add to the mix. View young espaliered apple trees, many roses of various types and a raised bed veggie patch. Many Hydrangeas, including heirloom, new macrophylla, climbing and paniculata types, adorn the property.Join us for Master Gardener Tips in the Garden: Attracting Pollinators to the Garden at 11 am and 2 pm.

Tuesday, July 16

Pat’s Whimsical Garden


This former educator/Master Gardener’s gardens include numerous perennials, hydrangeas, rainbow and shade gardens, rose and lavender beds, that punctuate the air with fragrance and color attracting a variety of pollinators. Many lilies, cosmos, catmint, astilbe, daisies, dahlias, hostas, beebalm, peonies, salvias, cornflowers, and more overflow the many gardens. Unique birdhouses, feeders, birdbaths, sitting areas and whimsical literary/animal statues adorn these gardens. A lower garden contains raised beds of organic vegetables growing next to a hillside of native plants.Join us for Master Gardener Tips in the Garden: Summer Pruning at 11 am and 2 pm.

Thursday, July 18

The Bowker Horticultural Society

East Sandwich

Mary and Roger Bowker, both Master Gardeners, purchased their historic former dairy farm in 2001 and have spent the last 18 years rescuing 15 acres from invasive plants. On four acres, they have created garden rooms around a gazebo and pergola dotted with hydrangeas and statuary. There is a formal herb garden, an orchard and serene landscapes. They enjoy their extensive vegetable patch where he, an avowed carnivore and she, an enthusiastic aficionado of all things green and edible, happily work side by side, hoes in hand, experimenting with fruits and vegetables. Join us for Master Gardener Tips in the Garden: Reclaiming your Yard from Invasive Plants at 11 am and 2 pm.

The Fornari Gardens @ Lawrence Pond

If you love flowers, vegetables and a range of unusual trees and shrubs, you’ll be entranced with the Fornari gardens. See a solar-heated seed-starting shed, abundant use of color, magical stump plantings and container annuals. Discover cutting garden plants, reliable vegetables and creative use of arbors and fences. See the deck where the book, The Cocktail Hour Garden was conceived and learn about new annual and perennial plants. Join us for Master Gardener Tips in the Garden: Structures and Hardscape in the Garden at 11 am and 2 pm.

Friday July 19

A Swedish Gardener’s Hideaway


This multi-acre property is inspired by childhood gardens in Sweden and England. The garden is designed with many rooms and many surprises. The chicken’s run free range, and love to hide in the roses and butterfly bushes. The cutting garden has an herb garden by its gate; enclosed vegetable beds are outlined with flowers and blooming shrubs and rhubarb. A wildflower meadow, potting shed, a sauna, pergola with climbing wisteria, and gourds covering the root cellar. As you wander, you will see terraced beds with evergreens, blooming shrubs, annuals, perennials currents, gooseberry and a young Quince tree. Raised stone gardens by the front door provide easy access to greens, flowers and herbs. Join us for Master Gardener Tips in the Garden: Making Soil Healthy at 11 am and 2 pm.